Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna - PrimeCables® FM/VHF/UHF

  • $45.99


  • Receives free High Definition TV broadcast signals
  • Can be easily hidden from view behind a picture, bookshelf or television.
  • Fast setup in 3 easy steps – Unwrap, Plugin, and Scan channels.


Ultra-Thin Indoor Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

Antenna help you enjoy your family time - PrimeCables®

Enjoy Free Channels Without Cable Fee

By using the newest HDTV antenna, no more need to pay extra huge bill on watching TV! Easily receives free broadcast hundreds of full HD Channels signals such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox and more.

Premium Cables For Perfect Viewing

Get free access to all the content available in your area. The reception ensures that you always receives free High Definition TV broadcast signals with enhanced gain, range, and frequency performance, supports 1080p HD.

Ultra Slim Thin Design

The super thin Flat Antenna for TV can fit anywhere! Hang it on a wall or window with no other mounting gear needed. The HD indoor Antenna can even be painted to match your home décor.

Two Models for You to Choose

If your location's HD digital over-the-air signal is fragile or you are located very far from a broadcast tower, consider purchasing our 1byone High Gain TV Antenna Amplifier.

Antenna Only
Antenna with Integrated Amplifier


Easy Connection, Scanning for TV Channels


  • Press “Menu” on the TV screen. Multiple tabs should appear.
  • Go to “Setup” or “Settings”.
  • There should be an option called “Channels” (Other TV sets might say “System”)
  • Go to “Scan Channels”. (Other TV sets might say “Program Channels”, “Autoscan”, “Auto program”, or “Autotuning”.)
  • Press either “Select”, “Enter” or “OK” to start the scan.

Note: For best results from 3M™ VHB™ Tapes the surfaces should be clean and dry, and provide adequate pressure for ensuring a permanent bond with substrates. Also, ensure the application temperature is sufficient to build adhesion. 3M™ VHB™ Tapes will build adhesion with time. You can use adhesion promoters to increase adhesion or improve durability on select materials.

Demo video

How Many Channels Can I Get ?

Please check the link for Signal Analysis : TV Signal Locator

Many factors can affect the strength of the TV signals you receive and thus the antenna you buy. Two of the most important considerations to take into account when choosing an antenna is your distance from the transmitter, and the type of terrain between you and the transmitter.

It seems reasonable that the farther a signal travels, the weaker it will be received. Also, if you are located in a valley or behind hills, it may be necessary for larger antennas or outside directional antennas. As a rule of thumb, the further you are from the transmission source, the larger your antenna needs to be, and outdoor antennas get better reception than indoor antennas.

Model: Cab-DVB-T825BTA (Antenna only)
Mount Type Indoor-table, wall, window
Installation Method 3M sticker
Shape Square
Enclosure Material PC
Frequency range 47-230MHz, 470-862MHz
Receiving range FM/VHF/UHF
Gain 6-7dB
Power Source passive
Impedance  75Ω

Model: Cab-DVB-T825BT (Antenna with integrated amplifier)
Mount Type Indoor-table, wall, window
Installation Method 3M sticker
Shape Square
Output level 100dBuV Max
Frequency range 87.5-230MHz, 470-700MHz
Receiving range FM/VHF/UHF
Gain 25dB
Power Source From power adapter DC12V 50mA
Noise Figure ≤3dB
Impedance  75Ω