Pilates Ring Yoga Fitness Magic Circle Full Body Toning Fitness Ring, 15" - LIVINGbasics™ - Hot Pink

  • $55.99

Suitable for Different Levels Yogis or Pilates lovers



  • 360 degree grip offers a full body workout for toning, sculpting and improving strength and flexibility of your core muscle. Also good for stretching and massaging to relax muscles and improve posture.
  • Suitable for Any Part of the Body
  • Superior Comfort in Exercise Soft and cushioned rubber with comfortable padded handles on both outside and inside
  • Advanced Durable Material Made from durable fiberglass with a EVA material outer sleeve, the ring will not bend permanently or crack. The fitness ring will always maintain its shape and reform back into a circle even after the most strenuous exercises.
  • Compact & Portable lightweight & take up little space
  • Product Dimensions 15" in diameter, 1.5 in thickness




Pilates Ring Yoga Fitness Magic Circle Full Body Toning Fitness Ring, 15" - LIVINGbasics™

Suitable for Different Levels Yogis or Pilates Lovers

Guide Correct Posture

Perfect for those who want to develop muscle strength, improve body awareness, improve endurance, balance and correct posture. Focus on the arms, hips or other areas that need to be shaped.

Efficient Fitness

The outer and inner side of this Pilates ring are padded for more balanced and effective exercise. In just a few minutes a day, exercise can strengthen and regulate your body, and improve the effect of Pilates training.

Advanced Durable Material

Super strength fiberglass ring, EVA material is used for the exterior.      The soft anti skid foam cushion grip is very durable.It can keep Pilates's environmental protection perfect in size and shape, even if you stretch and compress it for many years.

Whole Body Exercise

Increase flexibility, improve posture, burn fat. Apply to any part of the body. For example, arm, abdominal muscle, chest, thigh, especially for internal and external parts.

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