Mouse Pad Non-Slip Anti-Fray Cloth Surface, Black - Moustache® - 320mm*240mm*3mm

  • $32.99


  • 3 Sizes Available: 260mm*210mm*3mm /320mm*240mm*3mm/ 450mm*400mm*4mm
  • Stitched Edges prevent from fraying and contribute to flatness
  • Textured Rubber Base avoids it sliding even in intense game time
  • Smooth Cloth Surface brings precision tracking and smooth motion
  • Great for mechanical, optical and laser mouse


Moustache® Non-Slip Stitched Mouse Pad, Black

3 Size Options meet varied daily demands

Whether you are an avid gamers or just looking for a kind of mousepad that boosts your productivity, these Moustache® Non-Slip Stitched Mouse Pad are one of your unmissable picks in an unbeatable price. There's 3 options in size (small, medium, larger) for adapting to almost any business or home office setting, to your daily bascis or gaming sections. 

Measuring 260mm*210mm*3mm /320mm*240mm*3mm/ 450mm*400mm*4mm, the smallest one is the perfect size for the average home study desk with not so much place as well as the medium size is commonly chosen as the perfect one for the average work desk like office, workstation. And the a little bit bigger size of 320mm*240mm*3mm gives you more of space to put some compact type of keyboard and mouse on at the same time.

The edges of this pad are stitched to prevent the cloth top from fraying or peeling away from the non-slip rubber backing. The tightly woven cloth top is treated with teflon, which has low friction for precision tracking and smooth motion. It can be used with both laser and optical mice, allowing you to take on different projects and programs without switching pads or surfaces.

No need to worry about the mouse pad slipping away—it's steady, 3mm-4mm thick (can improve comfort by giving your hand a cushioned surface), and the rubber textured base keeps it securely in place. The mousepad effectively grips any flat, hard, tabletop surface.

Moustache® MOUSE PAD

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Standard Extended Ergonomic RGB Gaming

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Brand: Moustache®
Color: Black
Surface Material: Fabric
Specifications: Rubber pad with fabric surface to "trap" mouse for improved tracking
Dimensions: 260mm*210mm*3mm /320mm*240mm*3mm/ 450mm*400mm*4mm
Package: 1 Mouse Pad / Pack