Magnesium Anode Rod with 3/4" Male Pipe Thread for Hot Water Heaters

  • $14.99

NPT thread prevent corrosion within your water heater, sacrificial anode rod for Suburban hot water heaters


  • Made from superior quality, extra-durable magnesium(95%)
  • Measures about 0.8"D x 9.25"L (20mm x 235mm)
  • 3/4" NPT fits Suburban/Mor-Flo water heaters
  • Safe for humans, no power requirement
  • Installation process is easy for anyone
  • Perfect for Suburban 232767 and Mor-Flo 6 Gallon water tank
  • Extends the life of a water heater by attracting corrosive elements in the water

Product Basic Information

Checking Your Anode Rod: The anode rod should be removed from the water heater’s tank annually for inspection and replaced when more than 6” of core wire is exposed at either end of the rod.

Magnesium: Based on the electromotive series of metals we know that magnesium will corrode before the steel in your hot water tank.

Water Heater: Hot water tanks are made of steel which is very corrosive when exposed to water; The inside of water heaters are coated with porcelain to prevent the steel from being exposed to water; There are always small cracks in the porcelain that can allow water to meet with steel.

Lifespan: The anode rod is corroding faster than the steel in the tank; You should replace your anode rod every 3 to 5 years so the life of your hot water tank isn’t shortened.

Easy to Install: 3/4 inch NPT Threading makes it easy to install. Just unscrew the old, and screw in this new anode for long term safety in your water heater.


Product Type Magnesium Anode Rod
Material 95% Magnesium
Dimensions 3/4" NPT x 0.8"D x 9.25"L
Compatibility Suburban 232767 and Mor-Flo models 6 Gallon water tank
Package Quantity 1x Anode Rods
1x Tape
Sincere Reminded The degree of corrosion of the anode rod depends on the hardness of the local water quality.