Dual-Sided Extended Mouse Pad, 900mm x 450mm, PU Material

  • $19.99


  • Made of PU leather, water resistant & heat resistant
  • Dual sided use design, different color on each side
  • Rollable for portability, comes with a tie-band
  • Provide superior tracking with both ball and optical mice
  • Multi-purpose uses as a mouse pad, desk mat, writing protective pad, tabletop protection mat
  • Easy to clean with wet cloth, protect your desk from scratches/stains
  • Overall size: 900mm x 450mm x 2mm

Moustache® Dual-Sided Extended Mouse Pad, Desk Mat

These Moustache® Mousepads are large enough to go under both your mouse and your keyboard with room to spare, giving you tons of space to move without sliding off the edge. You’ll find more comfort and more options in keyboard position without interfering with your mouse. Low sense, high sense, laser, optical, or dual-sensor systems – whatever your sensitivity setting or preferred gaming mouse, these Moustache® Mouse Pad definitely offer total tracking responsiveness for consistently reliable in-game control.

It measures 900mm x 450mm and 2mm thick to provide just enough cushioning while remaining low-profile and rollable. Made of premium PU leather material, which is is both oil and water-resistant, meaning that accidental spills won’t leave unsightly stains. Meanwhile, it protects your desk from scratches/stains with an easy-to-clean ability with just a piece of wet cloth. Multi-purpose used as a desk pad, writing protective pad and tabletop protection mat, etc.

About Moustache Brand Products

123Ink is a proud supplier of Moustache compatible ink and toner products. Moustache is a Canadian brand that offers industry-leading value by combining dependably excellent quality with affordable prices. The Moustache brand represents dignity, intelligence and punctuality.

Moustache offers the most reliable and cost effective solution for your printing needs. With competitive prices and world-class door-to-door shipping, you can concentrate on what really matters. 


Mousepad Type: Extended
Dimension: 900mm x450mm
Surface: PU
Dual sided in different colors
Color: Assorted
Application Mouse Pad/Desk Pad/Writing Mat
Package: 1/Pack