Digital TV Antenna Digiwave BMX Innovative Super Flat-Digiwave

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Super thin flat digital indoor antenna specially designed for digital cable less TV


  • Innovative razor-thin antenna design
  • Incredibly slim and compact in design
  • Local broadcast TV shows with no monthly fees
  • Long lasting and provides superior performance
  • Easy installation with no tools or assembly required
  • Stylish and compact size design with shiny black finish

Digital indoor antenna specially designed for digital cable less TV

The Digiwave ANT4500 BMX HDTV Digital Antenn is designed especially to enable digital TV reception when you don't have cable. It's ultra-thin and flat, while the stylish design compliments any surrounding.

It's also easily mounted on a wall or window with push tape and suction fasteners. The fashion design makes it possible to be mounted on wall or window by push tape to suction fasteners. And its razor thin design makes it disappear into its surroundings.

More Information

  • Innovative razor-thin antenna design
  • Receives UHF channels (14 - 69)
  • Multi-directional design pulls in the signal from all directions
  • Easy installation with no tools or assembly required
  • Suction fasteners enable easy setup and placement

How Many Channels Can I Get ?

Please check the link for Signal Analysis : TV Signal Locator

Many factors can affect the strength of the TV signals you receive and thus the antenna you buy. Two of the most important considerations to take into account when choosing an antenna is your distance from the transmitter, and the type of terrain between you and the transmitter.

It seems reasonable that the farther a signal travels, the weaker it will be received. Also, if you are located in a valley or behind hills, it may be necessary for larger antennas or outside directional antennas. As a rule of thumb, the further you are from the transmission source, the larger your antenna needs to be, and outdoor antennas get better reception than indoor antennas.


Model ANT4500
Antenna Type Indoor
Type of Frequency UHF
Frequency Range (in MHz) 470 - 860
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Available Channels ch. 14-69
Gain (in dB) 2
Input impedance(Ω) 75
Effective Reception Distance(KM) 100
Antenna Length(mm) NA
Product Depth (inch) 0.39
Product Width (inch) 4.53
Product Height (inch) 2.95
Width (inch) - boxed 5
Height (inch) - boxed 13
Length/ Depth (inch) - boxed 1
Product Weight (kg) 0.4
Dimensions (inch) 13 x 4.5 x 1
Manual (included) Yes
DM Weight (LB) 0.35