Automatic Touchless Microvave Sensor Toilet Flusher

  • $69.99

A more sanitary way to flush than using the handle



  • Microwave sensing
  • Touchless activation flush
  • Manual and sensor dual operation
  • Compatible with flapper and canister type
  • Up to 20cm sensor range
  • Easy installation and user-friendly
  • 4 x AA batteries lasts 3000 cycles (not included)
  • FCC、ROHS、CCC and ISO9001 certified

A more sanitary way to flush than using the handle

Demo Video

Touchless, More Sanitary - Upgrading into automatic toliet without replacing the current toilet or toilet seat, AND the manual handle will be still working as a backup. Automatically flush when hands waving over the detection range. A more sanitary way to flush than using the handle.

Adjustable Sensing Range & Flush Time - Minimizing possibilty of phantom flash, only be activated when sensing motions within the detection range. Unaffected by the external environment. Easily adjust the sensor range and flush time with a screwdriver (included). Sensor range adjustment range: (0-8”). Flush time adjustment range: (1-6s).

Long Lifespan - The controller last for over 200,000 flushes in normal use and 4 AA batteries (included) last 30,000 flushes.

Compatibility - The kit DOESN'T FIT ALL TOILET TYPES! Only fits with most flapper and canister toilets, not for dual-flush/ ballcock valve/ top-mount flush and pressure-assist toilets!

Easy to Install & Replace Batteries - Simple installation taking most people less than 20 minutes. External battery design makes it easier to replace batteries.


Product Wave sensor toilet flush kit
Power Supply DC:6V(4 x AA batteries) (not included)
Standby Power Consumption ≤0.7mW
Active Power Consumption ≤1.8W
AmbientTemperature 1-55℃
Flush Volume 6-9L/cycle
FlushTime 1-6 seconds/cycle(adjustable)
Sensor Range 0-20cm
IP Code IP67
Lift 2Kg
Certifications FCC、ROHS、CCC and ISO9001 certified