Automatic Drips Soap Dispense 500ml, Touchless Infrared Motion Battery Operated

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Effectively prevent cross-infection and ensuring the health of family members



  • Excellent performance on un-touch sensor device
  • Designed for tabletop & wall-mounted
  • Suitable for using liquid soap, shampoo, alcohol etc.
  • Effective induction distance: 5-8cm
  • 500ml large volume clear container
  • 1.0-5.5ml adjustable volume control
  • Please regularly cleaning, then confirm that it works properly
  • It is not recommended to use hand sanitizer with the soap dispenser

Form a good habit of washing hands every day (It is not recommended to use hand sanitizer with the soap dispenser)

  • If soap is dense gel or lotion, the soap dispenser would get blocked up after used a long time. Please regularly cleaning, then confirm that it works properly.
  • It is not recommended to use hand sanitizer with the soap dispenserIf hand sanitizer has been injected, please perform maintenance in time to avoid clogging.
(Cleaning Tips: Pour out the hand sanitizer, clean inside with water 3-5 times. Then add an appropriate amount of warm water, and run it for about 5 times. After the gel-like sanitizer is all out, the soap dispenser returns to normal operation.)
  • If the unit is not used for a long time (over one week), please turn off the power switch and pour out the liquid, rinse the inside with clean water.
  • Do not rinse Automatic Soap Dispenser. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Please keep the battery compartment dry, do not soak it in water to avoid batteries get damp or short-circuit. 

    Touchless Infrared Sensor, Anti-Leakage Design

    Intelligence hand-free operation minimizes the spread of germs.
    Special valve design prevents drips, fast reaction to your hand.


    17oz / 500ml Large Capacity

    Fill this premium automatic soap dispenser with your favorite liquid soap and be prepared to
    never have to pump soap from a regular, germ and bacteria-laden, soap dispenser again.

    Easy Battery Replacement

    The seal in the battery compartment protects 4 “AA” batteries (not included).
    Longer lasting than most other soap dispensers that have no sealed battery compartment.

    Premium Quality Built To Last

    Made of ABS Plastic and IPX4 Water Resistance for high quality performance.
    Note: Since the Power Switch is installed at the bottom of the soap dispenser, please place it as far away from water as possible,
    otherwise, it will affect the function of the product.

    Multiple Adjustable Liquid Volumn

    Press the switch downward to adjust 1.0-5.5ml liquid dosage.

    Designed for Tabletop & Wall-Mounted

    Our soap dispenser can be mounted on the wall to save counter space and also place on the table simply.
    Save footprint. No more dirty soap dish to look at.


    Brand Name LIVINGbasics
    Product Type Automatic Dispenser
    Color Chrome
    Size L155 x W85 x H220mm
    Material ABS Plastic
    Sensor Range 5cm - 8cm
    Working Voltage DC 6V
    Capacity 17oz / 500ml
    Power supply 4 x AA batteries(Not Included)
    Usage Hotel, Exhibition Centre, Public Areas
    Package Quantity 1 x Automatic Soap Dispenser (Not Included Liquid Hand Soap)
    1 x Screw 
    1 x Instruction Manual
    Note Do not rinse the body with water, otherwise it will cause damage to the product.