4-Channel A/B Speaker Selector with Volume Control

  • $142.99

One of the most popular trends in Home Audio is whole house audio distribution. Unfortunately, true multi-zone distribution systems are normally built into only the higher end receivers or require an expensive audio distribution network. We bring everything within reach of the average homeowner by offering a wide selection of Home Audio Distribution accessories.

A Key element of any home audio distribution system is a speaker selector. The speaker selector allows you to distribute your source signals to several sets of speakers distributed throughout your home. Additionally, a good speaker selector like our 4-channel A/B selector listed here, will allow you to have different source audio sent to different rooms so that someone in one room can be listening to something different in another room. Most importantly, a speaker selector provides impedance matching, which ensures that the additional speakers do not overload or damage your amps.

The speaker selector is a dual source 4 zone speaker selector with built in independent volume controls for each source. This device can handle up to 100 watts per channel. It supports a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Accepts wire gauges up to 14AWG and maintains load at 8 Ohms.

Installation is straight forward and simple. This is part of making your dream sound system into a reality.


Product Type Speaker Selector
Color Black
Accepts Wire Gauges 14AWG
Maintains Load 8 Ohms
Frequency Range 20Hz to 20kHz
Power Consumption 100 watts/channel
Quantity 1