12 Outlet Power Surge Protector w/ 2 Built-In USB Charger Ports - 4230 Joules

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Protect your electronic equipment from damaging voltage and current spikes


  • UL/cUL rated
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Built-in EMI/RFI filter
  • 4320 joules of protection
  • 2-port 2.1A USB charger
  • 15A, 1800 watts capacity
  • 12 protected power outlets
  • Power outlet safety shutters
  • 2-in-1 power/circuit breaker switch

This model includes twelve protected power outlets, 4 of which are positioned for AC power adapters, and a 2-port 2.1A USB charger. The clear plastic tabs on the sides of the unit illuminate green to indicate when the surge protector is providing protection to your equipment and when a proper ground is detected.

When the protection circuitry has been fully consumed by power and current spikes, the protection light will no longer illuminate, indicating that the surge protector should be replaced. When the grounded tab is not illuminated it indicates that there is a problem with the house wiring and that the ground is not properly connected to the power outlet.

The surge protector has 4 keyholes on the back, allowing it to be secured to a wall or other surface.


Electrical Rating 120VAC/60Hz
Power Capacity 15A, 1800 watts
Joules Rating 4320 joules
Clamping Voltage 330V
Max. Spike Voltage 6,000V
Max. Spike Current 252,000A
Response Time < 1 nanosecond
EMI/RFI Filter Range 150 KHz ~ 100 MHz
EMI/RFI Filter Attenuation 58 dB
Dimensions (LxWxD) 12 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 1 1/4"
Keyhole Spacing 9 5/8" x 4 1/2"
UL File Number E115193
Power Cord Length 4ft