Double A. High Quality Copy Paper, 20 lbs, 8.5'' x 11'', 96 brightness, 500 Sheets

  • $58.89

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying. 
  • Two-sided usage gives the paper sheet high opacity. 
  • Bright Appearance gives high print contrast to the printing. 
  • Sharp cutting edges prolongs performance of copying machine. 
  • Anti-curl quality reduces paper jams in the copier. 
  • Low dust content minimizes copier running cost. 
  • 500 sheets of paper guarantee in Each Pack 

Double A® Paper Properties

Good formation Double A has 30 million fibers per gram, a unique characteristic that gives Double A® its:

  • Smooth surface
  • High density
  • High opacity
  • Low ash content
  • Good formation 


Smoothness is a measure of the flatness of a paper’s surface and affects how it moves through a printer or copy machine. A smoother surface also has a high-quality feel, is pleasing to the eye, and is particularly well suited to high-speed machines.
Roughness is taken into account when measuring a paper’s smoothness, and the lower the number the better the paper. Paper roughness varies from the top of a sheet to the bottom due to gravitational forces.


Bending strength improves a paper’s contact with the copy machine and prevents tearing – the higher the bending strength the better.


Another property of good paper is density, which refers to its strength, smoothness and opacity – the higher the density, the smoother the surface, but with lower opacity and strength.


Opacity is the measure of how much light is prevented from passing through a sheet. High opacity is usually associated with high filler content and results in a high ash reading under test conditions. Double A’s opacity comes from the unique features of its pulp, giving it high opacity with low ash content.

Ash Content

Ash Content is another key to good paper formation – a property that is associated with filler use, high ash content equals high filler content.


Formation is an indicator of how evenly fibers and fillers are distributed in a paper sheet. Paper with poor formation has an uneven surface with thin spots and thick spots.

Light Fastness

Light fastness is a good indicator of a paper’s resistance to fading or change of color when exposed to sunlight – the longer the line, the longer a paper will retain color.

No Jam Runnability Test

Double A® paper passed a ‘No Jam’ Runnability test for the continuous copying of 100,000 sheets of Double A 80gsm paper though a high-speed copy machine with no jamming. Conducted under independently controlled laboratory conditions at a leading copy machine manufacturer and Double A Research Center, the tough ‘No Jam’ test confirmed that when we say ‘No Jam’ –we mean it.