Comfy Office Chair Armrest Pads with High Resilience Foam, 240 x 125 x 25 mm

  • $18.99

Works with office chairs with T-shape Armrests in length of 11.5—27cm

Eliminated the discomfort when resting your arms on a hard chair

Still suffers from an elbow pain due to your hard chair with plastic armrests? Want to find a more economic solution to this headache issues? This Comfy Office Chair Armrest Pads will definitely save you. It is made of High Resilience Foam for lasting comfort and it's soft velvet polyester finish, which gives you a soft touch. Contours to your elbows with a perfect snug fit to relieve arms/elbows pains caused by a hard armrest support or just after a long workday. Featuring a hidden zipper so the cloth is easily remove for washing to prevent bacteria growth. Installation is a breeze, elastically stretch to fit snug over you chair. Suitable for office chairs with T-shape arms in length from 11.5 to 27cm.


Product Type: Armrests Pad
Color: Black
  • Non-Slip Bottom
  • Removable Cloth
  • Strong Elastic
Dimensions: 240 x 125 x 25 mm
Package: 1/Pack